Hard©ore: Triakis Extended Font Now Available For Your Design Projects


Hard©ore: Triakis Extended Font Now Available For Your Design Projects
Copyright - ©2005 Studio Liverpool, redrawn and expanded by Kieran Bramich

Thanks to Wipeout superfan Kieran Bramich, Traiakis Extended is now available as a TTF font!

Another wonderful testament to the Wipeout community, this iconic font that was first used in Wipeout Pure is getting the love it deserves. As for the font itself, well, it's your typical Wipeout affair with lashings of futurism.

The character glyphs have an angular, geometric style reminiscent of a sleek, cybernetic language from tomorrow's world, embodying the essence of futuristic design.

The angular, geometric style we associate with the Wipeout design language. Source: Studio Liverpool/Kieran Bramich

The versatile font encompasses an extensive character set tailored for diverse applications.

Beyond the fundamental uppercase and lowercase Latin letters, it incorporates numerals and an array of symbols and punctuation marks, ensuring a comprehensive typographic toolkit.

The Triakis team first appeared in Wipeout Pure on the PSP way back in 2005. Source: Sony

The glyphs are organised in a grid layout, showcasing all variations of uppercase characters, lowercase forms, and numerical digits. There's also a cheeky little reference to the "Angryman" character created by The Designers Republic.

Hailing from the arid outback of Australia, Triakis Industries carved a niche as a formidable force in the high-stakes realm of Anti-Gravity racing. This team isn't just a collection of daring pilots; they are the racing division of a vast multinational conglomerate that specialises in cutting-edge weapons manufacturing.

This structured presentation not only showcases the font's breadth but also highlights the thoughtful design approach, blending functionality with aesthetic appeal.

The colour palette consists primarily of two contrasting tones: a light grey or off-white for the main character glyphs, and a dark green or olive colour for some of the symbols and additional elements like the "SHIFT" label.

Just lovely stuff.

The icing on the cake is the combination presentation above, showcasing the font's versatility regardless of positioning or colour use.

Looking ahead, the Wipeout universe will continue thriving well into its imagined future, thanks to its dedicated community. This passionate group values and preserves its unique aesthetics, ensuring that the spirit of Wipeout endures for generations to come.

Download Triakis Extended.