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feedme.design is a Belfast-based agile design agency that leverages User Experience insights to deliver cutting-edge digital products and services.

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As an ethical agency, we're committed to transparency and always striving to exceed expectations. Promise.

At feedme.design, we understand the importance of ethical design, transparency, and honesty. We strive to create designs that are ethically sound and that are in line with our clients' values.

We believe in being open and honest with our clients at all times, in order to ensure that we can provide the best service possible.

Just ask any of our fabulous clients:
  • Catagen
  • Right Revenue
  • Boon Club

What we do

Research. Design. Development.

Research & Discovery

Unlock valuable insights from your users with our User Research and Discovery expertise - the key to success is often understanding your users.

Website Design

Establish an audience, and generate revenue. Transform your online presence with our website design service. We create beautiful experiences that work for you.

Product Design

Bring your product vision to life with our product design service. We can help you create innovative solutions based on years of product design experience.

WordPress & Webflow

Power your digital presence with our WordPress and Webflow development service - creating dynamic, user-friendly websites that solve problems and convert.

A selection of our work

Design impacts business success


ClimaHtech is delivering next-generation clean energy to a demanding world. Here's how we helped.

Coming soon

Right Revenue

We helped Right Revenue BOOST signups, helping them smash their revenue management system goals.

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"With feedme.design, the whole design and build process was collaborative, stress-free and engaging from start to finish."

Adrienne Hannah
Owner, Right Revenue

Bite-sized inspiration

Five minutes or less: Design can boost your startup. Get quick bites to learn how.


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Early Startup Owners

Lightspeed: 4 tips to grow your startup FAST

Accelerate Your Startup Growth with These Four Lightspeed Tips: A Quick and Practical Guide for Entrepreneurs Looking to Scale Quickly.
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Early Startup Owners

Quick and dirty design tips for pre-seed startups

Pre-seed and still uncertain about a potential direction? Worried about where to start? Get in here for 5 quick and dirty tips to get going, reduce stress, and put your best design foot forward
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Honesty, transparency, and design that delights
Originally a design blog, we aspire to create a substantial influence within the design industry.
What is your agency's approach to UX design?
Our agency takes a user-centered approach to UX design, prioritizing research, testing, and iteration to create effective and intuitive experiences.
What types of UX design services does your agency offer?
We offer a range of UX design services including user research, prototyping, usability testing, and UI design for web and mobile.
How do you measure the success of a UX design project?
We measure success through metrics such as user engagement, task completion rates, and user satisfaction. We also work closely with clients to determine what matters most to them.
What is your agency's pricing structure for UX design services?
We offer competitive pricing based on the scope and complexity of the project, with transparent and upfront cost estimates.
What sets your agency apart from other UX design firms?
Our agency is distinguished by our commitment to ethical and sustainable practices, transparency, and honest communication with clients.

Good honest design that ✨delights✨