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feedme.design is a Belfast-based design agency that helps UK startups leverage User Experience insights to deliver cutting-edge digital products and services.

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As an ethical agency, we're committed to transparency and always striving to exceed expectations. Promise.

At feedme.design, we understand the importance of ethical design, transparency, and honesty. We strive to create designs that are ethically sound and that are in line with our clients' values.

What we do

Strategy. Design. Development.


Transform your vision into reality by developing a robust brand and product strategy, complete with a well-defined go-to-market plan and a comprehensive digital roadmap.

User Experience Design

We'll craft an exceptional, customer-focused journey that brings delight to your customers right from the beginning, as we transform your MVP into a comprehensive digital product.


We're agile. We design dependable and high-performing digital products that seamlessly scale and are meticulously upheld through a well-crafted product roadmap, ensuring utmost security.


Through an iterative process fueled by data and insights, we actively propel ongoing enhancements throughout your digital portfolio, fostering continuous improvement.


Catagen are helping to decarbonise the air we breath through their incredible technology. Here's how feedme.design helped them communicate their message.
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Dashboard mockupiPhone mockup

Right Revenue

We helped Right Revenue BOOST signups, and attract more traffic, helping them smash their revenue management system goals. Find out how feedme.design worked alongside the team at Right Revenue.
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"With feedme.design, the whole design and build process was collaborative, stress-free and engaging from start to finish."

A small image of the owner of the company Right Revenue, Adrienne Hanna
Adrienne Hannah
Owner, Right Revenue
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Honesty, transparency, and design that delights
Originally a design blog, we aspire to create a substantial influence within the design industry.
What is your agency's approach to UX design?
Our agency takes a user-centered approach to UX design, prioritizing research, testing, and iteration to create effective and intuitive experiences.
What types of UX design services does your agency offer?
We offer a range of UX design services including user research, prototyping, usability testing, and UI design for web and mobile.
How do you measure the success of a UX design project?
We measure success through metrics such as user engagement, task completion rates, and user satisfaction. We also work closely with clients to determine what matters most to them.
What is your agency's pricing structure for UX design services?
We offer competitive pricing based on the scope and complexity of the project, with transparent and upfront cost estimates.
What sets your agency apart from other UX design firms?
Our agency is distinguished by our commitment to ethical and sustainable practices, transparency, and honest communication with clients.

Good honest design that ✨delights✨

The Power of Design in the Startup Ecosystem

"The reason many tech companies fail is not a bad product/market fit, the wrong technological approach or lack of experienced CFO, but the design -- not just the website UX but the design in its entirety. The way things are integrated together. The creative process." - Mark Milastsivy, Forbes