Three Alternatives to Uplabs

With the end of UpLabs, are there any alternatives to take its place?

Three Alternatives to Uplabs
RIP Uplabs.

Uplabs is gone.

The once-popular design resource platform has shut its doors, leaving designers and developers without access to its trove of UI kits, mockups, and creative inspiration.

But the design world doesn't stand still. In this article, we'll explore three robust alternatives that pick up where Uplabs left off, offering fresh sources for assets, ideas, and community engagement.

Whether you're a seasoned professional or a budding creator, these platforms promise to keep your creative juices flowing and your projects on track.

UI Goodies

UI Goodies was founded by designer Jess.

UI Goodies began as a personal collection of bookmarked design resources, curated by its founder over many years.

The platform was created to share these valuable resources with the wider design community. As it has evolved, UI Goodies has established itself as a go-to destination for designers seeking high-quality tools and resources.

UI Goodies aims to serve as a source of inspiration, helping designers discover new assets that can enhance their projects.

Moreover, the platform encourages users to harness their creativity, not only in their design work but also in potentially creating new tools or resources that could benefit the community. By doing so, UI Goodies hopes to foster a cycle of innovation and unique expression within the design world.

Free Design Resources

Not quite as varied as Uplabs, but useful none-the-less.

Free Design Resources offers a curated collection of high-quality design resources, all available at no cost.

These assets are meticulously crafted by talented artists and professional designers from across the globe. The platform's diverse range of resources includes fonts, mockups, graphics, templates, and much more.

By providing access to these premium materials, UI Goodies aims to support and inspire designers in their creative endeavours, regardless of their budget constraints.

Addy's ToolKit

I visit this website at least once a day.

A resource of resources. Addy is my go to website when I'm looking for something specific, or just want some inspiration.

It's the design equivalent of a mega mall. Huge.

Addy, the creator of Addy's ToolKit, is a multi-disciplinary web designer and developer with an extensive collection of bookmarked resources.

Addy's Toolkit was initially conceived as a personal project, born from Addy's desire to organise and share their vast array of design-related bookmarks. While the website serves as a valuable tool for its creator, it was also developed with the broader design community in mind.

Addy's hope is that other professionals and enthusiasts in the field will find this curated collection equally useful, benefiting from the wealth of resources they have gathered over time.