Tweeting in Style: A Journey into Aesthetic Excellence

A look behind some of the best aesthetic accounts available on Twitter

Tweeting in Style: A Journey into Aesthetic Excellence
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Put aside all the fuss about Twitter, or X as it's now called, and indulge in these accounts that deliver a daily dose of aesthetics and visual delights for those who crave it.

The appreciation of aesthetics has forever been prevalent in the late 19th century, championing "art for art's sake."

It emphasised beauty, craftsmanship, and the pursuit of aesthetic experiences in various forms, from visual arts to literature.

Rejecting strict moral or societal messages, it celebrated the sheer pleasure derived from artistic expression and refined design.

We're far from the 19th century, but does the modern era still value aesthetics? You bet.

PS1 Aesthetics / @PS1Aesthetics

There's nothing quite like the warm embrace of classic PSX graphics to light up the soul. Filled with sharp polygons, crispy low-res textures and general wobbly goodness, this account is the perfect recipe for some delicious PSX nostalgia.

Every tweet invites you on a journey through time, presenting a pixelated charm designed for your enjoyment in the distinctive world of PSX visuals.

Source: Konami

The Emotion Engine / @MemoryCard_8MB

Indulge in the captivating charm of PlayStation 2 polygons from the turn of the millennium and set forth on an adventure through The Emotion Engine. A Twitter sanctuary dedicated to PlayStation 2 aesthetics headed up by @chimera_brain.

A glorious insight into the popular and the obscure, an invitation to relish the emotion-packed visuals defining a gaming generation.

Source: Sony

zøë wolfe / @glitch_wolfe

I wasn't aware of glitch art until I connected with zøë on Twitter. It's a celebration of technology, where analogue technology is tinkered with to create some bewitching results.

Each tweet is an exploration into the captivating world of pixelated anomalies, and it has quickly become one of my favourite visual treats on Twitter. A curated journey, not just into her work, but into the unique blend of visual aesthetics that glitch subculture has to offer.

Source: zøë wolfe

Millennial PC Gaming Aesthetics / @MillenialPCAest

There's something about late 90s/early 2000s PC gaming that feels like a warm hug. By extension, this account feels like that warm hug.

All about cherishing the game visuals from back in the day, the person behind it is throwing a spotlight on cutting-edge graphics of the games they grew up playing.

Each post is like a shout-out to the cool pixelated scenes and awesome landscapes that made their gaming days.

Source: Maxis Games

New Millenium Nights / @LateNight2000s

"Back to a time when everything was beautiful and nothing hurt."

Owning a PlayStation 2 carries a distinct sentiment—it's a ticket to the past, a time when life was simpler, and worries seemed to fade away. For some, the console represents more than just gaming; it's a nostalgic portal to our youth, where responsibilities were fewer, and the joy of exploration and play took center stage.

@LastNight2000s succinctly hit the nail on the head to be a kid with a PlayStation 2.

Source: Rockstar Games

Sasha's RetroBytes / @SharkaBytes

What can I say about Sasha that hasn't already been said before? A cornerstone of excellence in the retro community, Sasha's content is a mixture of aesthetics and gaming knowledge, focusing on PlayStation, Amiga and anything worthy of a tweet.

Not to mention her dedication to #SplashWaveRacing and the weekly release of Between the Scanlines.

Source: Sasha's RetroBytes

This is an evolving list of aesthetic goodness on Twitter. I will continue to update it so long as Twitter exists.