Ever Thought About the Aerodynamics of a Feisar Ship in the World of Wipeout?

In the world of Wipeout, Feisar ships ride the airwaves with fluid-ity!

Ever Thought About the Aerodynamics of a Feisar Ship in the World of Wipeout?

The European Federation's Anti-Gravity racing team, officially named Federal European Industrial Science and Research (FEISAR, pronounced: Fai-sar), is a consistent presence in every series instalment of Wipeout.

I'm perfectly fine with that since they're my preferred team in Wipeout.

They hold an iconic status, with fans even adorning real-world vehicles in the distinctive blue, yellow, and white livery to pay homage. It is, for all intents and purposes, the team that most people think of when they think of Wipeout.

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Source: BAC

It's not surprising then that a user by the name of Baron494 over at r/wipeout has picked this fantastic anti-gravity racer to pop into a fluid simulation application.

A what?

A fluid simulation for vehicles models the behaviour of air or other fluids around them. It helps analyse aerodynamics, turbulence, and airflow, providing insights to optimise design for improved performance and efficiency.

Check out the trippy visualisation below.


Source: Baron494

What Does it All Mean?

Well, in layman's terms (and I am a layman), fluid dynamics are a way in which clever folks can simulate the properties of air flowing over a vehicle, or in this case, the iconic Feisar ship that we all know and love.

It involves examining factors such as aerodynamic design, airflow patterns, and the impact of the ship's features on the movement of air. There's little to go on in terms of how performant this ship would be, aside from a few choice words from Baron494, who says it's, "surprisingly fluid" and has "lots of turbulence out the back".

This analysis helps understand how the ship cuts through the air, basically, with a high level of turbulence being generated from the back being less than optimal, but we suspect that Feisar would have this covered in time for their2164 AG Racing League championship title win.

So what does this all mean? Not a whole lot really.

It's just Wipeout fans being some of the best fans in the world, trying out new technology, demonstrating that our love for this series isn't just surface-level. This is a great, fun visualisation, and fingers crossed that Baron494 will share some more Wipeout fluid dynamics in the future!