Retro Gaming Revival: HyperMegaTech Unleashes Pocket-Sized Nostalgia Trip

Iconic classics preloaded, Evercade cartridge support for endless gaming

Retro Gaming Revival: HyperMegaTech Unleashes Pocket-Sized Nostalgia Trip

The retro gaming world is buzzing with a fresh offering from HyperMegaTech, the masterminds behind the Evercade retro system.

Their latest creation, dubbed the Super Pocket, is a handheld gaming device that pays homage to the golden age of gaming with a selection of pre-installed classic titles.

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The TAITO Edition comes in this two-tone green and black.

This pocket-sized powerhouse comes in two flavours, each a tribute to gaming royalty. The TAITO Edition honours the legendary creators of Space Invaders, packing 17 arcade gems like Operation Wolf, the pioneering first-person shooter, the beloved Bubble Bobble, and, of course, the generation-defining Space Invaders itself.

The Capcom edition is, of course, yellow and blue.

Not to be outdone, the Capcom Edition tips its hat to the Street Fighter dynasty, serving up 12 iconic titles from the Japanese gaming giant.

Retro enthusiasts can relive the arcade glory days with hall-of-famers like Street Fighter II, the devilishly challenging Ghouls 'n Ghosts, the side-scrolling brawler Final Fight, and the console classic Mega Man.

But the nostalgia trip doesn't end there.

HyperMegaTech has ingeniously integrated the functionality of their Evercade system, allowing the Super Pocket to access a vast library of over 500 additional games via Evercade cartridges, which can be slotted into the back of the device, reminiscent of the good old Game Boy days.

Rear of Capcom unit.

Despite its diminutive stature – measuring a mere 3" x 5" and under an inch thick – the Super Pocket packs a vibrant 320x280 pixel IPS display, and charges via USB-C. It even sports a 3.5mm headphone jack for those who prefer wired audio bliss (though Bluetooth is sadly absent).

Retro gaming fans can now get their hands on the Super Pocket Capcom Edition or the Super Pocket TAITO Edition, priced at a nostalgic £49 and available through select retailers.

Fancy one for yourself? Head over to Amazon to pick one up, and if you do, we'll get a small kickback from each sale.

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