Nintendo's CEO Reveals Switch Successor Announcement Slated for Next Year

Nintendo hints at Switch's successor announcement by June 2024, with no news expected at the upcoming Direct

Nintendo's CEO Reveals Switch Successor Announcement Slated for Next Year
Artists concept. Thankfully.

For years, fans have speculated about what will come after the Nintendo Switch.

With no updates on a new console, some have grown impatient, especially as it’s been seven years since the Switch launched. Nintendo CEO Shuntaro Furukawa recently provided an update on the successor via X (Formally Twitter).

He revealed that an announcement regarding the new console is expected by June 30, 2024, noting it’s been over nine years since the Switch was first unveiled in March 2015.

Furukawa also clarified that the upcoming Nintendo Direct will only feature new software for the latter half of the year, with no information on the Switch successor.

Despite this, there's no question that a Switch successor is on the horizon, given that the Switch, even with its OLED update, is practically stoneage in terms of graphical grunt.

Here's what we're hoping for at

  1. 4K Resolution: Capable of 4K output when docked.
  2. OLED Display: Enhanced portable screen with OLED technology.
  3. Improved CPU and GPU: More powerful processing for better performance.
  4. DLSS Support: NVIDIA’s DLSS for upscaling and enhanced graphics.
  5. Longer Battery Life: Improved battery efficiency for extended playtime.
  6. Backward Compatibility: Ability to play original Switch games.
  7. Enhanced Joy-Cons: Improved controllers with better durability and features.

Regardless of internals, we suspect the Switch 2 (or whatever it ends up being called) will sell like hotcakes. Because if Nintendo knows how to do anything, its selling incredible gaming experiences - underpowered hardware, or not.

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