ANICORN Levels Up with Retro SEGA Mega Drive Watch Collab

ANICORN and SEGA's limited retro Mega Drive watch collab fuses gaming nostalgia with stylish design

ANICORN Levels Up with Retro SEGA Mega Drive Watch Collab
The watches by ANICORN do a fantastic job of capturing the right aesthetic.

Calling all old-school gamers and design aficionados!

ANICORN has teamed up with gaming legend SEGA to drop a limited line of timepieces that'll have you feeling ultra-nostalgic.

This trio of watches takes direct inspiration from the iconic Sega Mega Drive/Genesis console design, letting you rock that retro gaming vibe on your wrist.

At $800 a pop, these aren't as inexpensive as some fans would be hoping for.

Let's face it, the Mega Drive was more than just a console back in the day - it was a full-blown cultural phenomenon.

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Sega Genesis ad, 1989.

These stylish new watches allow you to pay homage to that gaming milestone by incorporating serious throwback flair into your daily fits.

The designs themselves are simply chef's kiss levels of chef-fy. ANICORN nailed the subtle nods to the original Mega Drive's aesthetic, from the colour blocking to the texture details.

It's a masterclass in vintage reinterpretation for the modern accessory game.

Now here's where it gets interesting - ANICORN split the release into two regional variants to cater to the global Mega Drive fandom:

  • The "Anicorn x Sega Genesis" for North and South American buyers
  • The "Anicorn x Sega Mega Drive" for the rest of the world

A limited drop always adds to the exclusivity factor.

So whether you're a die-hard from the 16-bit era or a newcomer to retro game design appreciation, these watches are a serious must-cop for flaunting your gaming x street style crossover.

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