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We collaborated with Catagen to create a website that matched their determination and ambition. Compelling  messaging and a well-defined experience promoted their clean air technology.

Our efforts resulted in a powerful means of digital communication, highlighting Catagen as a whole as well as the team's hard work behind the scenes.
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How we helped (In a nutshell)

Each process is unique, tailor made for each client
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It was important to delve into thorough research and to gain valuable insights into the contexts and motivations of Catagen users. This enabled us to identify promising solutions and craft custom designs specifically for Catagen.


Our ongoing collaboration with Catagen was essential to the success of this project, as their expertise combined with our passion for good design came together in a dynamic partnership that was brimming with creative energy.


Transparency with Catagen was crucial. It ensured alignment of goals, timely feedback, and a shared understanding of expectations, leading to a better end product and a website that delivered on expectations.


We successfully met Catagen's expectations by creating and launching a website that effectively communicated the incredible value of their work, showcasing their expertise in a compelling and impactful way.

Establishing authority

Catagen needed a digital solution to promote their work and needed it fast. Establishing authority in such a competitive market isn't easy, especially when the renewable market is constantly changing, and in flux.
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An engaging website

By collaborating closely with Catagen's in-house team, we assisted them in developing a bespoke website to effectively communicate their online messaging.

This collaborative effort resulted in a showcase website that effectively highlighted Catagen's technology, while prioritizing user needs and preferences. The end result was an effective and user-friendly website that successfully promoted Catagen's exceptional work in the industry.

Understanding the renewable energy industry

At, we understand the pivotal role of understanding the industry in which our clients work. By having an in-depth understanding of the industry, we are able to create designs that are contextually relevant, anticipate potential issues, and suggest creative solutions.

Our comprehensive advice and guidance is essential in order to provide our clients with designs that are tailored to their  needs and that are more likely to be successful in achieving their desired outcome.

111 TWh

The renewable energy industry in the UK has experienced significant growth, with renewable electricity generation reaching a record high of 111 TWh in 2020, accounting for 43% of total electricity generation.

£29.8 Billion

Investments in the renewable energy sector have been on the rise, with over £29.8 billion invested in renewable energy projects between 2013 and 2019, supporting thousands of jobs and driving economic growth.

Pain points

Despite increased investments in the renewable energy sector, securing adequate financing for large-scale projects can still be challenging, particularly for early-stage or innovative technologies, due to uncertainties around regulatory frameworks, government policies, and economic conditions.


The renewable energy industry is expected to continue its growth trajectory regardless of any difficulties. With increased investments, technological advancements, and supportive policies driving further deployment of renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, and energy storage.
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"The design and build process with was characterised by a collaborative, stress-free, and engaging experience, spanning from the initial stages to completion."

Sonya Kerr
Head of Marketing, Catagen

The figures speak for themselves. We smashed our goal of creating a website befitting Catagen.

Powerful messaging, a strong line-up of technologies, an incredible in-house team and a positive website experience increased user-visitors as related social channels.
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